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As requested by Mach, I am going to post my recipe for a vegetarian curry (Yes, he requested this, although it is for his mum!).

Carrot Curry :)

Ingredients -
2 medium onions, diced
6 cloves garlic, chopped
6 green birds eye chilies, chopped, seeds left in
Thumb sized piece of ginger, chopped
8 large carrots, diced
2 medium baking potatoes, diced into 2cm cubes
bunch of coriander, chopped
tin of chopped tomatoes
vegetable oil
1tsp black mustard seeds
1tsp cumin seeds
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp paprika
1tsp chili powder
1tsp salt
vegetable oil

  1. Get a LARGE saucepan. We're talking about 25cm diameter (at least), and about 25+cm deep.
  2. Put in enough oil to cover the bottom, at a depth of about 3mm. I know this seems like a lot, but it really is necessary to make it nice. Also, you get a few portions out of this, so it works out alright...ish!
  3. When the oil has heated up, add the mustard seeds and take cover. They should start to pop and fizzle angrily, and then add the cumin seeds. The cumin seeds should fizzzzzzzz away :)
  4. At this point, add your onions, and fry until soft. 
  5. Add your garlic, and fry until it starts to change colour slightly, like a very very pale brown.
  6. Add the ginger and chilies, and fry for a minute or so.
  7. Add the paprika, turmeric, chili powder and salt, and stir to combine.
  8. Add 1/2 of the tinned tomatoes, and this is the tough bit. You need to keep this frying and cooking until the tomatoes are completely cooked, and start to break down. The oil should separate from them when this happens, and sit on top of them... It takes about 10 minutes, and you may need to add some water to stop the mixture from drying out. Use your judgement :)
  9. At this point, add the potatoes. They should be mixed into the tomatoes, and cook for around 5 minutes. 
  10. Add the carrots, stir to combine. I add some water at this point (only about a small wineglass full), just to keep everything moving. 
  11. Bring the mixture up to the boil, cover, and allow to simmer until the carrots and potatoes are softened. The end mixture should be quite dry, the sauce coats everything rather than existing as a separate entity.
  12. Add the coriander, and serve.
Enjoyyyyy :)

I had a lovely day with Jo today. We had lunch at Kro and then went shopping. I spent like a thousand pounds. Good Move, Verity.

Lesson 40: Never check your bank balance near the end of a semester. It makes you very cocky.

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