Sunday, 20 March 2011


Today has yet again, been a day filled with nothing. Let me explain.

On Friday, I went to IKEA and bought some lovely new bits of shiny home furnishings, so that my lonely little room looks a bit more pleasant, and my kitchen doesn't continue to be devoid of anything helpful. I had a lovely time looking around with Luke, and even got to eat Daim cake, meatballs and cinnabuns in the Cafe! I came back, distributed various things around Fallowfield and headed to Viper Towers for the first time in about a week and a half. Nothing had changed haha.

Friday night was Becky's birthday party - the theme being children's TV characters. I had luckily been able to cobble together some poor effort at being Elmo from Sesame Street and so went as that... After some initial setbacks we got into 5th and all was good for a while. Then I became Bad Buzz Lightyear and went back to VT. I curled up on the wank chariot with Stephan for a bit and ended up nodding off, until the boys came back, when I went and slept elsewhere. I was not in a good mood and on reflection....blergggh.

I ended up oversleeping on Saturday, arriving at Becky's house an hour late :( Eva was gorgeous as ever, suffering with what looked like a pretty angry rash though. We had lunch at Kro in Heaton Mersey, and it was just what the doctor ordered (if I say so myself). Corned beef fritters, chips and an egg. Mmmmm. I chilled at Becky's for a while then headed off to work. 7.15 - finish; Auditorium. I was dreading it to say the least, but manned up and got my head in the game for what ended up being one of my favourite gigs to work at yet.

Chase and Status - now normally, I would be very indifferent to even think about C&S. But this gig, my god it was good. The bass was so heavy that it made the hairs on my arms vibrate (which I must add is a somewhat ticklish sensation). The pre-poured water was rippling in its cups. Drinks left on the side would vibrate to the edge and fall off if left unattended. The atmosphere was hot, sweaty and excitable. The crowd were mental, especially the young lad I busted for being underage and using someone else's ID. Mate, if you're gonna try and buy booze, don't try to get 4 double vodbulls, especially if you look younger than the person serving you. Hannah Lines and I (mainly her) helped a diabetic in danger. I mineswept £5 whilst sweeping up afterwards.  Although I was running on only 4.5 hours sleep, the adrenaline (epinephrine, actually) gave me a second wave of energy for that shift, and I ended up dancing away to a lot of the songs! A very good evening.

I stayed to drive Mach home, and gave him a lift to his. I ended up sleeping passing out on his sofa (standard) and then woke up this morning at 11.51. I needed the sleep so badly. We spent most of today just monging out and watching football/Frasier/sleeping. If I'm honest, I really did need to work today, but Easter can give me some good catch up time. I didn't feel right all day today. I felt a bit sick, uncomfortable and tired, so I'm a bit concerned I'm getting a bug; although I realised today that I am yet to go to my new GP  for this year - yay for good health!

Bored of typing, so lets call it a night.

Lesson 39: Always ask for ID.

Listening to: Kanye West – The New Workout Plan

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